The Indian market size for luggage items such as travel bags, suitcases, carry-on bags, carriers, handbags, leather bags, luggage bags, back-packs, hiking carry bags and tote bags is valued at Rs 10 bn annually with luggage manufacturers, exporters and suppliers in the organised sector claiming over 40% of the market. Exports of bags and luggage bags has been growing at the rate of 12% but could go even upto 20% annually. Even though the travel bags and luggage market for hard luggage and soft luggage put together in India is largely dis-organized. VIP Industries Limited will set up a centre in Hong Kong to tap the $750-million luggage market in Southeast Asia and the Asia-Pacific region.

Indian luggage has made way in the Global market and has ample competitors and on-going competition in the Domestic market itself. The Indian luggage market comprises of soft luggage, including suitcases, briefcases, trolley cases, vanity cases, totes and garment bags made available in a price range from Rs280 -Rs6095 under the brand 'VIP. Blow Plast is one of the pioneer largely involved in the promotions of soft and hard luggage. The luggage items marketed include plastic moulded luggage and soft luggage branded as VIP and Skybags. Universal Luggage Mfg Co Ltd, with its Aristocrat, Oscar and Champion brands, is another major player of the Domestic market.

Today, most luggage and travel bags companies in India are following international trends and designs closely because they are aware that the buyer is becoming more conscious of design and exclusive patterns looking luggage/baggage. With more and more people traveling manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of handbags, bags, luggage and travel accessories ensure that each and every luggage item are given away with ample safety features, theft-proof, sturdy and strong. Many hard and soft suitcases, carry-on, handbag models are made available with combination locks. Other durable and useful attributes includes organized interiors with separate compartments for carrying CDs, floppies, shaving bags, etc. The entire sets of soft and hard luggage and handbags are now available in more vibrant colors like -bright reds, green, blues and burgundy, floral prints etc other than the usual standard greys, blacks and browns.